Seascaping, Beach Design & Coral Reef Restoration




webpage Asiatic Marine provides full project management to minimise and mitigate fragile coastal environmental impacts as well as rehabilitating damaged habitats through a number of initiatives. These include, beach remediation, coral translocation and creation of underwater coral gardens and marine nature zones. Asiatic Marine was the exclusive marine consultant for Shangri-La's Villingili Resort & Spa, Maldives.

view it their website Coral Translocation

As part of mitigation measures during the construction phase, where possible and practical, corals colonies are “translocated” to holding areas outside identified impact zones. At a later stage the colonies are returned, with a goal of accelerating natural reef recovery and rebuilding biodiversity.

Coral Transplanting

Special underwater restoration techniques are used to affix corals to former limestone bases as part of “seascaping” to create multi-dimensional and substrate complexity shelters for reef fish diversity, with the specific goal of restoring the ecological function of the reef ecosystem as a whole.


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ish & Coral Rehabilitation Zones (FCRZ).

These areas are generally established to:

  • Provide safe areas for children and guests to snorkel in shallow water
  • Provide a nursery for many different types of coral and reef fish
  • Provide a suitable area to transplant corals
  • Enhance the underwater biodiversity, by providing ecological niches and different habitat types


Before and After Reef Restoration:




their explanation köp Cialis i butik go site official website trading system requirements next Trip Advisor reviews for Shangri-La's Villingili Resort & Spa, Maldives:

"Perfection! The house reef blew me away. I was expecting some good quality corals and diverse fish but I was truly amazed. The snorkeling right on the house reef just a short walk from our villa was significantly better than near our villas we stayed in at Moorea and Bora Bora and on par with the reef in Belize, except unlike Belize, the reef is at your doorstep (almost). There was always something special to witness in the underwater world at this resort."
"If you are into snorkeling and you are staying in a water villa then this is the area to ask for as the house reef is just off Whispering Palms. The snorkeling itself is wonderful - the best that my husband and I have ever experienced (and we have snorkeled in other Maldives resorts, Thailand, Australia and Bali)."
"Whispering palms area snorkeling was as great as it can be, fully supervised by life guards, you can see lot of different types of marine life meters from the beach, spotted black tip shark once and sea turtle twice, with suitable inside area for children, my 5 year old was able to experience her first snorkeling session easily."
"Snorkelling was amazing on the House reef. At one stage we were amidst hundreds of different fish which was surreal. As we snorkelled back a friendly turtle guided us in."
"We could not help but compare it to last year & I think the 2 big improvements are the food & the house reef."
"The house reef is good and quite large – one guest commented that it was the best he has seen in the Maldives and he has previously stayed at O&O, FS and Conrad."

"If you love snorkeling, ask for a water villa right on the House Reef."

"We stayed in the Whispering Palms section which we recommend - although furthest from the main facilities, it is near the house reef and away from Gan airport."

"We loved our Water Villa located very close to the house reef. We could go every morning snorkeling from the villa and enjoy a fantastic sunset."

"I was very interested in snorkelling, there is a house reef available within easy reach (no boat trip needed) there is even shallow access which is ideal for beginners."

"The snorkeling was outstanding with the "House Reef" being as I said in between Whispering Palms and land."

"Don't miss out on any of the offerings, the snorkeling is amazing right off your personal and private dock" opinioni su autopzionibinarie Conde Nast (Oct 09) magazine article: Want to hear about the time I swam with a shark?

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